The worsening of the health human resource crisis for most countries, Uganda inclusive, is a pressing reality. To complement Governments’ efforts in responding to the human resources for health crisis the Positive Practice Environments (PPE) Campaign was launched in 2008.

This initiative is undertaken in a spirit of professional cooperation, collaboration and determination to affect a real and positive impact in working conditions of health care professionals in all disciplines and organizations and thereby strengthening the delivery of care and improving patient outcomes.

The Campaign proposes to work initially and more intensively with a small number of key countries. Uganda has been selected by all core partners as a focus for specific activities supported by Campaign funds.

Activities in Uganda to date include:

1.   PPE Campaign materials were piloted at a workshop held in Kampala during the First Global Forum on Human Resources for Health organized by the Global Health Workforce Alliance in March 2008

2.   A National Steering Committee has been established and includes representatives of:

  • Uganda Association of Physiotherapy
  • Uganda Dental Association
  • Uganda Medical Association
  • Uganda National Association of Hospitals Administrators
  • Uganda National Association for Nurses and Midwives
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda

The National Steering Committee serves to guide PPE implementation at the country level with local professional organisations and other key health sector stakeholders, e.g. Ministry of Health, World Health Organization.

Additionally, we count on the support of National Collaborating Partners such as:

  • Global Rights Alert
  • Mukono District Health Service
  • Ugandan Catholic Medical Bureau
  • Institute of Disease

If your organisation is interested in joining the campaign, please contact the PPE Campaign Secretariat for more information about becoming a National Collaborating Partner (

3.   A 3-day workshop has taken place 15-17 March 2010 in Kampala with national stakeholders in order to:

  • Bring together different health partners to work toward a common goal related to PPEs
  • Analyze the PPE situation in Uganda with the background country study done by Dr. Charles Matsiko
  • Build strategic alliances and create a common advocacy platform for PPE
  • Adopt a National Project Implementation Strategy

Participants of the PPE workshop held 15-17 March in Kampala, UgandaParticipants of the PPE workshop held 15-17 March in Kampala, Uganda


A participant intervention during the workshop in Kampala, UgandaA participant intervention during the workshop in Kampala, Uganda